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Happy Birthday!

August 21:

Pray for Vocations


For All Missionaries
“Our mission sends us across borders of every sort. Often we must make ourselves at home among more than one people or culture, reminding us again, that the farther we go in giving the more we stand to receive” (Constitution II, 17).

Let us pray for all missionaries, especially for those in the family of Holy Cross, who give witness to the gospel and evangelize through their lives and ministries in foreign lands.

Bernard Klim – Sculptures

Sculptures  by
Br. Bernard Klim, C.S.C.

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K00 K24
K25 K28
K27 K29
K30 K31
K32 K33
K34 K35
K36 K37
K38 K39
K40 K02
K03 K04
K05 K06
K07 K08
K09 K10
K11 K12
K13 K14
K15 K16
K17 K18
K19 K20
K21 K22
K23  K26




The efficacy of the advice of those in administration will be in proportion to their acquaintance with the usual dispositions of those for whom any directives are intended. (Letters)

Thoughts for Each Day fromBasile Moreau, CSC
Compiled by
Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC