Happy Birthday!

June 26:


Br. John Frederick Tryon

June Prayer Intention of the Superior General

For the Plight of Refugees and Migrants


Let us pray that the merciful Heart of Jesus pour forth the graces of love and compassion to all refugees and migrants as they leave their homeland.  We also pray that the same love and compassion fill the hearts of those who welcome them to a new land.


Talents and Hobbies of listed Holy Cross Brothers


  Br. John Benesh, C.S.C. Stained
Noviciado 12 oct '03 P1010016
BRJ   Br. Richard Johnson, C.S.C.


  Br. Bernard Klim, C.S.C  Sculptures K04
Kroetsch   Br. Jerome Kroetsch, C.S.C. Poems Poems-Jerome 
  Br. Larry Unfried, C.S.C.  Photos  L11-YellowTroutlily


Our openness to the Lord in prayer will be perfect in proportion as we take over God's views in our regard. (Sermons)

Thoughts for Each Day fromBasile Moreau, CSC
Compiled by
Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC