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Happy Birthday!

December 15:


Br. Walter Bernard Gluhm

DECEMBER – For Children Throughout the World

Last year approximately 535 million children were affected by humanitarian disasters; this represents one child out of four globally. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let us pray for all children throughout the world, both born and unborn, for orphans, for the abandoned, for the suffering, and for those who care for them. May they know they are loved and may they grow up in a world that is free from hunger, violence, persecution and exploitation.


Talents and Hobbies of listed Holy Cross Brothers


  Br. John Benesh, C.S.C. Stained
Noviciado 12 oct '03 P1010016
BRJ   Br. Richard Johnson, C.S.C.


  Br. Bernard Klim, C.S.C  Sculptures K04
Kroetsch   Br. Jerome Kroetsch, C.S.C. Poems Poems-Jerome 
  Br. Larry Unfried, C.S.C.  Photos  L11-YellowTroutlily


The life of Jesus within us is the fount of our greatness, the source of our merits, and the foundation of all our hope. (Exercises)

Thoughts for Each Day from Basile Moreau, CSC
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Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC