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Happy Birthday!

April 25:

Pray for Vocations


On April 7, the United Nations commemorates a Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide. On this 25th anniversary of this shameful humanitarian tragedylet us pray that as a global society, we may confront violent actions and current, ongoing threats of genocide and mass atrocities throughout the world.

We also use this occasion to pray for the repose of the souls of our Holy Cross Religious who lost their lives during the 1994 Rwandan massacres:  Brothers Eulade Gasasira, Jean-Baptiste Mundeli, Janvier Murenzi, Venat Kayitana, Leonard Karemangingo and Fr. Claude Simard.

February: For All Consecrated Men and

 Welcome to the Midwest Province Website

 Mission Statement

We take vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience as a way of giving ourselves more creatively and intimately to the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ, His Body – the Church, and the needs of the world.

We live in community as a visible witness to the commandments, which Jesus gives us to love one another. Community enables us, through prayer, personal support and finances to be accountable in our lives and mission.

The Congregation of Holy Cross identifies its concern for justice and peace in the world and the need of people to find ways to live an integrated life of faith and action. As Brothers of Holy Cross, we choose to respond to this concern through ministries which educate and sensitize persons to the need of the world for justice and peace.

We seek the Reign of God among all peoples. We work to enable other members of the laity to assume their God-given role in service of the Lord – some of whom will be lay Associates of the Midwest Province; others we hope, will choose to become religious.

2018 Jubilarians

Row-4        John Schuszler, Richard Johnson, Donald Schapker, Jerome Meyer
Row-3        Tom Cunningham, James Leik, Walter Gluhm, Charles Drevon
Row-2        Robert Fontaine (MP)
Row-1        John May, Thomas Henning

Absent from Picture

(Right )      Ronald Frederick Drahozal,  Bertrand Nee Wayoe 



Lord, give me your own spirit that I may do well the work of my ministry.(Meditations)

Thoughts for Each Day from Basile Moreau, CSC
Compiled by
Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC