May 28:

Pray for Vocations

Victims of Violence

Prayer Service for the Victims of Violence

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2016

The Andre Chapter of South Bend Holy Cross Associates sponsored an interfaith prayer service for victims of violence in the South Bend area and around the world.  Associate Doug Williamson designed a beautiful service which included readings of actual descriptions of the violence going on in our world today, inspirational songs including a peace song with appropriate movement, and poignant words from Sister Marilyn Zugish, c.s.c.  Associates Joe Dougherty, Tom Labuzienski, Nina Klee, Jerry Klein, and Rosalie Campanale , Brother Carl Sternberg, csc. were readers.  Members from local choir groups formed the 30 member choir for the occasion.

Portions of a letter from the office of the Papal Nuncio of the United States began the service with an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis for all those attending. 



Brother Carl Sternberg, CSC


Sister Marilyn Zugish, CSC


Tom Labuzienski


Nina Klee


Rosalie Campanale


Jerry Klein


Doug Williamson

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