Happy Birthday!

June 23:

Pray for Vocations

June Prayer Intention of the Superior General

For the Plight of Refugees and Migrants


Let us pray that the merciful Heart of Jesus pour forth the graces of love and compassion to all refugees and migrants as they leave their homeland.  We also pray that the same love and compassion fill the hearts of those who welcome them to a new land.

Midwest Holy Cross Associates – Sponsored Ministry



Midwest Holy Cross Associates
Vision Statement


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We Midwest Holy Cross Associates are lay men and women answering God’s call to provide mediating and prophetic roles within the Congregation of Holy Cross. We respond to our call while embracing the charisms and traditions of Holy Cross for the people of God as we promise to grow in spirituality, community and ministry. In support of their mission as educators in the faith, we shall form collaborative relationships with the Brothers of Holy Cross, Midwest Province as their sponsored ministry. These relationships create a family spirit, which is a gift to Holy Cross, the Church and the world.

Midwest Holy Cross Associates Website: http://www.holycrossassociates.org


Lord Jesus, may you live in us always and make us live in you, so we may do everything in your love and for your love. (Directory)

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Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC