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September 22:


Br. Aaron Aleniabaghr


Br. Paul Houston Kelly

September Prayer Intention of the Superior General


For the Canonization of Blessed Basile Moreau


As the Family of Holy Cross celebrates the 10th anniversary of the beatification of our Blessed Founder, Basile Moreau, on 15 September, the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, let us pray that the Church will soon acknowledge his saintly virtue and holiness by soon raising him to the Altar of the Saints.

Holy Trinity High School – Sponsored Ministry

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Holy Trinity High School
Vision Statement

We educate the hearts and minds of a richly diverse community of students, united by belief in the Holy Cross values of:

Discipline: Holy Trinity students are responsible, respectful, and diligent in working to achieve their goals.

Integrity: Holy Trinity students are honest, they take ownership of their actions and academic work, and they follow through on their commitments.

Excellence: Holy Trinity students exemplify a tireless desire to achieve to the best of their God-given abilities and talents.

Family: Holy Trinity students treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, communicating openly, and acting with each other in mind.

Zeal: Holy Trinity students live passionately, inspired by their faith and willing to lead others in the pursuit of justice.

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Students are the parents of future generations; each one bears a family within. (Christian Education)

Thoughts for Each Day fromBasile Moreau, CSC
Compiled by
Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC