March 27:


Br. Christopher Torrijas

Gilmour Academy – Sponsored Ministry



Gilmour Academy
Mission Statement

Our mission manifests itself across our campus:

In our faculty…
who educate our students in a research-based curriculum which engages life learning.

In an academic setting…
where young men and women shape themselves into people who are effective communicators, complex thinkers, effective problem-solvers, collaborative contributors, lifelong learners and morally responsible persons.

In creating a culture…
of empathy and compassion for others through community service.

In teaching values…
that embrace all people, cultures and faiths through proactive programs that help students understand and accept the many ways we are different and to recognize the ways we are alike during the critical years of their development. 

Our mission sustains the excellent private coeducation Gilmour Academy is able to offer and provides the foundation for the critical thinking, moral formation, and independent leadership we seek to inspire in our students.

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If at times you have a marked preference for certain people, it should be for the poorest, the most abandoned, the most ignorant, the least gifted by nature. (Christian Education)

Thoughts for Each Day fromBasile Moreau, CSC
Compiled by
Brother Joel Giallanza, CSC